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The application of UAV technology in agriculture around the globe is increasing at a phenomenal pace and is morphing into a high-tech industry. Over the last 20 odd years farming equipment has evolved from a guy driving a tractor with a rough plan in mind to global positioning systems (GPS) guiding the machines with precision accuracy. With the onset of unmanned aerial vehicles and with an array of sensors we can provide a low-cost solution.

Our high-resolution aerial imaging provides powerful insight to remove yield-limiting factors. Our precision ag solutions enable you to effectively scout your field so that you can evaluate and respond to crop stress and field health indicators to get the most out of every acre.

  • Precision Ag Data for driving critical crop management decisions
  • High-resolution imagery that provides insight for removing yield-limiting factors
  • Field monitoring analytics to help you save time and optimize resources
  • Complete acreage coverage for peace of mind and increased yields
  • Powerful tools for early stress identification and early action

We use a Full Multispectral camera for image collection

The RedEdge® simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands, enabling the creation of tailored indices for customised applications. Global shutter design creates distortion-free images. RedEdge's Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS) enables measurement of ambient light conditions during flight for more accurate data in varying light conditions.


UAV's offer significant benefits when compared to manned aircraft, and satellite images

  • Lower operating cost
  • Flying at a much lower altitude that produces much greater image detail
  • Greater flexibility - we can schedule flights as often as required, even targeting a specific field
  • Lower environmental impact (UAV's use electric motors)
  • We are able to recreate the exact flight pattern any number of times - which is crucial in tracking temporal changes

We offer a wide range of services throughout Western Australia

  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imaging
    • Monitor crop health and vigor
    • Identify plant stress & health
    • Find insect and pest infestation
    • Analyze plant disease
    • Land planning and assessment
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Ortho-mosaics to provide an HD overview of a large area with the option of a Google Earth overlay
  • Topographic images to calculate drainage patterns
  • 3D Imaging
  • Plant Counting
  • Plant Height
  • 3D Virtualisations
  • Orthomosaic
  • Digital elevation models
  • Pre-project commencement environmental baselines
  • Post-storm waterways damage assessment
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Invasive species damage assessment
  • Mapping of hiking trails, fire fighting trails
  • Early identification of contamination from run off
  • Remote area invasive species weed control
  • Search & Rescue
  • Bushfire Management - Thermal Imaging
    • Inspections
    • Surveying
    • Archeological sites
    • Commercial Development
    • Mining applications
    • Solar
    • Natural Resources Management

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