About us

Established in 2015 by Andrew Dedman and Jonathan Smith.  We focus on providing information that allows for critical management decisions to be made based on the state of the art remote sensing technology, providing non-speculative insights for removing yield limiting factors, whilst saving you time, money and potential yield increases throughout Western Australia.

Andrew and Jonathan are committed to supporting the agriculture sector with UAV’s (drones), remote sensing and industry leading analysis to assist in making quantifiable management decisions throughout the growing season.   Since our inception we have focused on developing strong relationships with clients and industry leaders upon which our business success relies.

Stratus Imaging use a multispectral camera mounted to a UAV to capture data in different spectral bands.   These light bands are Red, Green, Blue, Near Infared & RedEdge and each band is calibrated to the light conditions before the commencement  of each flight to ensure accurate, precise and repeatable data capture. Data is captured at 8 cm per pixel (per band) at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL.  With this advanced technology, we gather large amounts of data that we process through specifically designed algorithms allowing us to customise the information required by the client.  With this non-subjective analysis we precisely detect and are able to quantify the size of areas of concern before the subjective views of a person can. This analysis along with precise ground truthing, provides the complete package for an informed management decision to be made, saving both time and money whilst potentially increasing yields.

Safety and privacy are absolute paramount to our business and clients.   Stratus Imaging’s equipment is routinely serviced, maintained and have built in safety features to ensure safe working operations.  Pilots are professionally trained, and all operations are within CASA regulations, insured and certified with fit for purpose operating manuals.

Stratus Imaging are industry leaders in the the operation of UAV’s in the ag business for crop management. By collaborating with industry leaders, leading researchers, and listening to farmers and agronomist, we deliver innovative solutions that supports your decision making.

Our core values:

  • Business Integrity – a company you can trust
  • Innovative technologies and algorithms with customers solutions in mind
  • A solid reputation within the agricultural sector
  • Work with industry leaders that build and strengthen the agricultural sector
  • Listening to the ongoing concerns and demands of the industry to help overcome where possible

We approach each job enthusiastically and with a motivated approach to ensure a high quality of service is achieved.   We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships by focusing on achieving and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Stratus Imaging allows you to make critical crop management decisions. Their state of the art technology provides insight for removing yield-limiting factors, saving you time, and increasing yields.