The safety of the public, our clients and our personnel are extremely important to us. Our pilots are prohibited from flying a UAV over people on the ground, or any structure that is not the subject of the operation. Our flight operations crew has also received mandatory system training including written emergency procedures.

For the protection of our customers and staff, Stratus Imaging operates under strict safety requirements. Every flight is preceded by a safety briefing and a series of detailed pre-flight safety and equipment checks.

Our company and pilots are fully insured, CASA certified and our operations adhere to all CASA regulations.

All commercial aerial operations conducted by Stratus Imaging are fully insured.

All aerial platforms used by Stratus Imaging are classified as a UAV. As defined in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) section 101.F. Section 101.270 of the CASR  states "A person may operate a UAV for hire or reward only if the holds a UAV operator's certificate that authorises the person to operate the UAV".  Our company operations adhere to the requirements of the CASR and CASA Operations Certifications.Stratus Imaging has a certified Chief Pilot that authorises all flights prior to take off to ensure all requirement of CASR are met.

Stratus Imaging's pilots all hold the following qualifications:

  • Remote Pilot Controllers Certificate
  • Level 6 English Proficiency
  • Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)