Aerial Asset Inventory

By providing an aerial inventory of all assets including buildings, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure, the asset owner is able to prove to insurance companies the exact make, model and size of the insured assets.

Included in our package is a site visit to initially gather data for the inventory or to update the previous years inventory. We also include an additional annual site visit in the event of an insurable event. We assist in assessing the damage through aerial inspection and by providing a visual contrast between the initial aerial inventory photos and the post-incident photos. This comparison streamlines the assessment of damage, especially in the case of large scale damage to insured infrastructure.

This information can easily be provided to the insurance company, which provides an accurate “then and now” comparison and therefore helps the land owner maximize the accuracy and timeliness of their claim.

How does it work?

In preparation for the aerial snapshot, we have the asset owner identify all of the assets to be recorded. We get all machinery and vehicles placed in a line, and do an aerial fly past.

In collaboration with the asset owner, we drive to the location of each piece of infrastructure and launch our aircraft. Infrastructure may include crops, vineyards, fencing, stock yards, dams, sheds or any other insurable asset.

Our multiple airframes enable us to take still photos of individual assets as well as larger, positionally accurate images of bigger assets, that are seamlessly stitched together using a process known as orthorectification. We can also produce a Digital Surface Model as an added service.

We recommend that this service is carried out on a 6 monthly or yearly basis. We also provide a “top up” service to update the aerial inventory when machinery, vehicles, buildings or infrastructure have been purchased, modified or re-developed.

Package includes:

  • One day on-site to record all assets*
  • One additional day on-site in the event of an incident*
  • All photos and videos provided on a USB thumb drive
  • Orthomosaic and Google Earth Overlay of entire property
  • One complimentary photo of primary property house

* Varies depending on assets, land size and location.