Turf Management for Golf Courses

Identifying variations in nutritional and moisture requirements within your Turf

Golf course greens keeper's face the same challenges as any agricultural crop manager. Any field may have various nutritional, or moisture requirements, so can many fairways.

Stratus Imaging's NDVI images, identify the health of virtually every area of turf, determining what, if any, treatment is required.


How Stratus Imaging can help

Stratus Imaging, generates Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) geo referenced images that show the health of your grass. NDVI images identify areas under stress, and those which are healthy. Your turf management team can use those images to create a detailed map. This helps maintain your turf or golf course in a more cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

The information provided by Stratus Imaging, can provide a true indication of the health of your golf course beyond what the eye can see. In addition to any nutritional and moisture indicators, it can also help identify any surface problems, such as drainage issues.

The Chemical Management Plan

With any Precision Agriculture application, the geo-referenced information can easily be adapted to your GPS controlled equipment to  apply the required quantity of nutrient, or water.