Broad Acre

Plants both absorb and reflect radiation in the near infrared band (not seen with the eye) allowing early detection  of problem areas within your crop.

Using a UAV equipped with a multispectural camera, NDVI imaging allows for an “eye in the sky”  view of the entire crop, giving detailed actionable data and the ability to make informed decisions ontreatment, saving you time and money .

With a quick turnaround, these geo-referenced maps assist growers and their agronomists to act eciently, saving time and money.

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Canola Field - NDVI imaging September 2016 v's harvest yield map January 2017

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Wheat Field with Sakura damage. RGB and NDVI images show extent of the effected area. Yield map shows some improvement after limited management. Images taken September 2016 and harvest yield map January 2017

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