Often in Horticulture we find uniform amounts of water, fertilisers, and pesticides are being applied as standard procedure, though not reliably effective. Now Ag businesses and growers can tailor management decisions by using modern precision agriculture techniques. These scientific approaches include analysing remotely acquired data and imagery from the use of UAV’s. Whether its data capture or analytics, Stratus Imaging is your avenue to maximizing yields and increasing profits.

Drones, or UAVs, are an excellent and cost effective way to scout and gather data on plantations. We use a calibrated multispectral & RGB cameras, mounted to a UAV to maximise the integrity and precision of the data gathered allowing for quantified management decisions. We specialize in transforming all the data into informative information whilst maintaining important spectral data within raw images.

Example Data Set - Avocados

A UAV equipped with a RGB and Multispectural camera flying at an altitude of 110m (400ft). Data is processed with orthorectifing from raw imagery, it is then converted into a single Geo-referenced image.

Further processing with advanced algorithms, provides actionable data for the growers. The below images are a sample of the data that can be provided.


Tree Crown Delineation

Tree Crown

Tree Crown Delineation  identifies individual tree crowns in the survey.

Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index


'VARI introduces an atmospheric correction'

Green Leaf Index


'GLI adjusts for the green and yellowness of the crop.'

Canopy Cover

Canopy Cover

 The Canopy Cover mapping tool is based on the Robust Vegetation Index. It provides an accurate delineation of vegetated area.