N Mapper

N Mapper removes the hassles of taking plant samples to assess nitrogen adequacy and eliminates errors associated with extrapolating point data (from plant tests) across highly variable paddocks.

N Mapper represents the commercialisation of technology which has been developed by researchers in Western Australia over the last four years.  The technology has been evaluated on a number of crops across a number of locations.  Ongoing development to further improve the technology is being undertaken in 2018.

N Mapper uses multispectral sensing to produce maps of nitrogen concentration estimates for wheat and barley; essentially quick and easy plant tests across whole paddocks.  N Mapper will be useful for innovative farmers keen to get an edge to improve top-up nitrogen rates.

In-season nitrogen decisions have a big effect on farm profitability, yet many nitrogen applications are still blanket rates across whole paddocks, based on scant information. 

There is a limited release of N Mapper in 2018 to interested and innovative growers who are keen to explore an edge to improve nitrogen applications.

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N Mapper predictions of plant nitrogen concentration compared to plant tests


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