Yield Forecast


Yield Forecast through the integration of remote sensing, crop modelling and in crop monitoring systems for 2019

Stratus Imaging, together with Farmanco are using advanced modelling from CSIRO to rapidly and remotely forecast yields of wheat, barley and canola across Australia in near real time. This is done by combining on-farm information about crop types and with advanced crop simulation models, the next generation of satellite imagery and data analytics.

Forecasting Crop Yields

The Holy Grail for agriculture is to accurately forecast crop yield, in near real time, or even better before the end of the season.  From the middle of August and then every 14 days we will provide an updated
progressive forecast till the end of the growing season.

Knowledge of crop yields would:

  • Enhance farmer’s ability to optimise crop management through targeted inputs specifically in the mid to late stages of growth.
  • Help benchmark production within farm or across producer groups, measure production risks and evaluate the impact of adopting new technologies with detailed spatial and temporal analysis.
  • Help farmers market their grain, with greater confidence of expected total production.
  • More accurate and relevant financial modelling to provide a comprehensive decision-making process.

Yield forecast are produced in near-real time at a national scale, (i.e. fortnightly yield forecasts across southern Australia from mid-August onwards) they are accurate and can be implemented down to the farm and paddock scale, for both the current season but also hindcast to evaluate yields back to 2001.

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